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Everyone wishes to have a safe and reliable journey, free from worries and full of fun. But nowadays travelling from airports is not easy as they are one of the busiest places in the world. Then, how to become a stress-free traveller? Here are a few tips, which may help you to make your trav

There have been quite a few security related scares at Luton airport recently. The turmoil is definitely unacceptable to bear for both the airport authorities and the travellers. Therefore, Luton airport has planned to add a few more layers of efficient security. “One of the possible so

There has been an unfortunate incident in Brussels. The blast that happened out of nowhere too so many lives and son many loved ones. Due to this mishap, security everywhere was amped up including the airport Gatwick and Heathrow. According to the Gatwick airport spokesman, security is th

Heathrow Airport has been taunted for the longest time. For months the 3rd runway candy has been dangled in front of them just to be told that there are a few months more. Apart from the analogy it is very irritating that government is not able to make up its mind. It’s about time to just

Campaign for On-Airport Manchester Parking

By Hannah Reed Travel News

Manchester Airports Group (M.A.G) has come out in favour of on-airport parking for travellers. They are running a campaign to support this too. This whole campaign was lead by Parker Designs, a company that is associated with M.A.G for quite some time. The goal of this initiative was to e

Heathrow managed the record of around 75 million passengers last year. There is an immense increase of 2.2% in number of passengers comparatively to 2014. Chief Executive John Holland Kaye described 2015 as a Heathrow’s banner year for the London hub. Heathrow reviewed December 2014

The fight to built and expand new runways at Heathrow or Gatwick has been going on for a really long time. The decision is still pending. A lot of survey, negative publicity and trash talk with certain allegations have been a part of this decision process. “BORIS JOHNSON and Justine Gre

Airline Delays will Finally be Compensated

By Hannah Reed Travel News

The passengers at UK airports who endured the flights delays of 3 or more hours are to be compensated by the airlines as per the rules and regulation. But a situation where the passengers are actually compensated is rather scarce. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) organised an intervention r

The Financial Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke announced, “He was concerned and disappointed that airport retailers were pocketing millions of pounds in VAT discounts without passing the savings to customers.  And that this should stop.  Stores at airports demand that passengers pr

Airports and the Tourism Future

By Hannah Reed Travel News

Prague Airport recently hosted The 25th ACI EUROPE General Assembly, Congress & Exhibition in June. The theme of this wonderful and generously hosted event was focused on the Airports of Europe and their dependency on the future of tourism industry. The event was attended by 350 delegate

Gatwick Expansion Decision is Delayed

By Hannah Reed Travel News

The decision for Gatwick or Heathrow expansion has been long overdue, too long, one might add. But now when the final decision was due within weeks there is news that it might be delayed till the end of this year, till after Christmas. This delay is being criticised by both the supporters

UK Air Passenger Taxes (APD) Rate

By Hannah Reed Travel News

Air passengers in UK are paying the highest, most extortionate taxes on flying. A study was conducted by UHY Hacker Young, the national accountancy group to provide a keen outlook on this subject which is been considered damaging on various level for many industries ultimately affecting UK c

Gatwick Expansion – The Bosses are Hopeful

By Alex Foster Gatwick Airport Parking

Gatwick boss, Stewart Wingate claimed, “The new Tory Cabinet has strengthened the chances of his airport being selected over Heathrow as the site for major expansion.” They are hopeful which shows their confidence that the decision will be in the favour of Gatwick. The official report

Heathrow airport is very much concerned for boosting its domestic traffic. To achieve this goal, Heathrow is planning to reduce landing charges for domestic flights, by one third. The shortfall of income caused by this reduction in landing charges will be covered by increasing the landing ch

Gatwick airport is one of the busiest airports in the Europe. Airlines and airport authorities always try to establish the strategies which make the process easy both for passengers and airport staff. Recently a step has been taken by Turkish Airlines at Gatwick airport for the ease of trave

A few months back, it had been declared by the government of United Kingdom that GB air passenger Duty (APD) would be eliminated for children less than 12 years on economy class seats for air travel, from 1st May 2015. Now this new rule is to be implemented. People, who are going to book

In the year 2014, disappearance of two aircrafts, MH370 and MH17, was disastrous in commercial aviation history. The high profile missing of these two airplanes has raised questions about the safety of air-travel and people are getting afraid of air traveling. Apart from these two events,

"We have suspended operations until 3pm today at the earliest. This is as a result of a power failure. If you are due to fly today please contact your airline. Apologies for the disruption, we will provide more information as it becomes available." This was posted on the East Midlands Air

What do you do while you are on a plane and waiting to reach your destination? Majority of the travelers prefer to sleep through if the flight is for 8 or 10+ hours. But in case of short flights you can’t do that. Usually there isn’t much else that you could do. But it’s about to chang

The decision of expanding Gatwick or Heathrow is still PENDING. So the cold war is still on. It has recently been exposed that the residents of Crawley were in favor of new runway to be built but the councilors dismissed the findings of a separate polls carried out by 2 different sources; Cr