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An Airport Experience should not be all Bad

“There is no bigger problem that exists in travel today than the ‘Airport Experience’ or rather, the lack of one.”

This was a statement in an article on Nothing could better describe this dilemma of travellers. These days even the chance of encountering a passenger who could claim having a good experience at the airport is extinct. There are several reasons for this issue:

  • Delays
  • Queuing
  • Crowd
  • Overpriced merchandise
  • Managing Airport transport
  • Shopping Mall like appearance instead of an Airport
  • Any combination of the above mentioned that is intolerable for a passenger


Airport Experience

There are a bunch of valid reasons for people to have unconsciously adapted the idea that their vacation or the trip starts after the dreadful part of airports is done and finishes when they get into that taxi to the airport. It really truly does not have to be so, but unfortunately it is. As the stated:

“Even with the huge array of entertainment that people watching, working and eating at the airport brings, it is never enough to fascinate me for more than half an hour.”

People with this mind set are missing the core part of their trip, the actual travelling, the anticipation and the charm of getting from one place to another. But Mobit Airport Parking tries to pitch in its part to make it all a bet better for you. By arranging a dedicated Meet and Greet Parking spot for your vehicle with certified security measures, we try to deliver a bit of peace of mind so all of it does not have to be bad.

  Posted by Alex Foster on Fri, Jun 5, 2015

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