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Luton Airport Introduces New Facilities for Travellers

There have been quite a few security related scares at Luton airport recently. The turmoil is definitely unacceptable to bear for both the airport authorities and the travellers. Therefore, Luton airport has planned to add a few more layers of efficient security.

“One of the possible solutions for the next generation of airport security screening is computed tomography (CT) scanning – a similar technology to what is used for scans in hospitals. The TSA has already announced that it will be working with American Airlines to bring 3D CT scanning to airports in the US.”

Luton Airport Updates

“Analogic’s current CT system, COBRA, has been tested at Luton Airport, which has recently agreed to permanently install it. The airport currently offers it in a premium lane which can be used at a cost to passengers, and Stone said that the reaction to the product itself has been positive, although some passengers do not want to pay the fee to use this fast track lane. The next stage for CT in terms of global adoption is for it to be tested against the Global Standards Regulations and Stone said that they are confident that Analogic’s current and next-generation CT systems will pass those standards. The other hurdle he said was that a lot of airports have already made purchase decisions for conventional X-ray equipment. However, he added that the next wave of technology replacements will happen over the next several years and that is where CT could step in.”

It’s definitely going to be great and will be very helpful in reducing the time wasted in manual security checking measures. That’s not all. Luton airport has also introduces charging booths at the terminal and free Wi-Fi on its flights.

Source: FutureTravelExperience

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  Posted by Alex Foster on Tue, Sep 6, 2016

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