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Cut Down on Air Passenger Duty at UK Airports.

There has been a lot of recent activity at the UK airports. It mainly concerns with Air Passenger Duty (APD). A draft legislation granting the Scottish Government powers to levy Air Passenger Duty (APD) was published. This publication rallied a great concentration. In response to this proposed legislation, the Chief Executive of the Airport Operators Association, Darren Caplan, representing 55 airport of UK said:

“Given the long-stated ambition of the Scottish Government to reduce APD by 50% in the short-term, to be followed by eventual abolition, the Smith Commission’s proposals have far-reaching consequences for airports across the UK. It is of course a matter for the Scottish Government to decide whether to reduce APD for passengers travelling out of their respective airports, once they are granted the necessary powers, and they should be commended for taking the view that they will ultimately be better off without this damaging tax. However, in the interests of fairness it cannot be right that one part of the UK is able to levy a substantially reduced rate of APD compared to other areas, thus disadvantaging not only our airport members but companies and travelers too.”

UK Airport

APD has been crippling the ability of People to travel, mainly out of UK. It simply costs too much. Family vacation has become a distant dream for budget travelers. The foremost reason of this absurd decrement in traveling is due to the gradual but continuous increase in APD over short period of time. But now there is hope! If APD is reduced, the cut down will dearly enable people to travel without worrying obnoxiously about how much it would cost them or whether their savings can handle a short family trip or not.

Darren Caplan also said, “We continue to take the view that a cut anywhere should be matched, immediately, by a cut everywhere. We respectively call upon the main UK political parties to work together to publish a plan, before the general election, setting out how this will be delivered.”

So, if the legislation is passed and the reduced APD is applied across the UK airport, IT’S TRAVELING SEASON FELLA. Let’s hope this plan is published and implemented soon enough.

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Source:   AOA Org

  Posted by Alex Foster on Fri, Jan 23, 2015
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