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Revenges of a Valet

Good begets Good; Evil begets Evil –Paul Auster

A Valet’s intentions of revenge do not reach evil but definitely are mischiefs in every sense of the word. According to our confessor, the mischievous behavior may be caused by any number of reasons.

If you are rude or particularly aggravating for no apparent reason other than you are too tired to be nice or you had an exceptionally bad day, you are asking for it. You might excuse yourself for acting out but a totally irrelevant person, who had to endure your unkind behavior, will not. There is a fair chance they get back at you for it…

Payback Monkeyshines:

Our confessor said, Usually Valets show no sign of anger or annoyance which usually means they are up to something.

“The first and the easiest thing for them to annoy you with is taking unnecessarily long time to bring your car with all the mirrors and seats misaligned.”

“They may also resolve to lower the tire pressure, changing your climate or radio settings or in some severe cases ding the door or scrape the paint in a non apparent place. When you do find that scrape it’s usually too late to blame.

Also there is nothing more satisfying then revenge and getting the customer to tip you as well.”

Valet Pranks

Things Valets do when no one is looking:

  • Blast the stereo.
  • Change the satellite radio setting.
  • Speeding contests inside the parking structure.
  • Revving up the engines of cool performance cars.
  • Abusing the rentals with drifting competitions.
  • Ransacking the customer belongings and pocketing the small ones.

Management Awareness of what goes on:

“Of course the management does not know all that goes around, ‘said our confessor,’ but they do cover our slip-ups.”

“Still a hoonage inside the parking facility cannot go unnoticed. My manager kept carton of rubbing compound and wax in his office and we would buff any affected areas and pray the customer does not notice it and most of the time they overlook because they are in a hurry.”

“Even our manager would rub out the scrapes so he won’t have to report the incident, pretty slick, right?”

Anyhow the list is long and the customers do not need any more scare, they should get the point by now. But they could use some suggestions over the matter at hand. There are a few, from our confessor that should do the trick. But you will have to wait for the next update of Mobit Airport Parking Blog. Chao…!

  Posted by Alex Foster on Wed, May 6, 2015

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