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Secure Long Term Airport Parking at Gatwick

Long term parking can be really hectic. You never know what kind of service you will get and whether its risks and damage free. On-airport parking is an option but it is not for everyone. The issue is the limited space and expensive rates brought on by the high demand. People prefer on-airport parking for its close proximity. No one would like not to drag their luggage or kids or their tired selves between distant parking lots and the terminal.

Under these circumstances, on-airport car park is definitely not the right fit for a lot of people. But off-airport parking can prove quite beneficial especially when it comes with terminal pick up and drop off. The services will also not be as steeply charged as official parking. So, what are you waiting for?

Mobit Gatwick Parking

Follow the step for meet and greet Gatwick parking deals and have your car tuck away safely in a secure and dedicated spot.

  • Click here
  • Fill the travel info
  • Compare & select your deal
  • Fill out booking form
  • Complete reservation
  • Receive confirmation email
  • Follow the instructions on travel date

The process is simple enough. The services you receive are provided by the provider you selected the deal of. A chauffeur is appointed to tend to you upon your arrival and takes care of your car for the duration of your travels and upon your arrival returns your car safely to you.

Mobit gathers the best deals from verified vendor for you at a single platform so you can pick a car parking Gatwick service that suits your own set of requirements and falls in your budget.

  Posted by Alex Foster on Thu, Jun 23, 2016

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