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Air Passenger Duty Has Been Eliminated for Children less than 12 year.

A few months back, it had been declared by the government of United Kingdom that GB air passenger Duty (APD) would be eliminated for children less than 12 years on economy class seats for air travel, from 1st May 2015.

Now this new rule is to be implemented. People, who are going to book for a kid less than 12 years old, will no longer be charged an APD. The APD will be refunded back to the travelers who had already made a booking for their kid.

If the ticket was issued by a travel agent, the travelers need to contact the travel agent when their journey is completed. The refund process may take time. The refund should be appeared on their statement by the end of the following month. It is necessary to keep in mind that infant tickets are not charged APD and refund will not take place before travelling.

Kids APD Scrapped in UK

Such initiatives are encouraged to make air travel easy, comfortable and economical for people who intend to travel with families. This will help the air-traveling industry to grow rapidly.

There should be some more concession in the services related to the air traveling such as luggage fee at airports and UK Airport Parking deals so that people could enjoy cost effective air traveling, especially in holiday season. Airport parking is an integral part of air travel. Majority of people want to hire an airport parking company to park their car during their journey and to be free from all worries regarding the security. The Increasing number of airport parking users in UK indicates that people trust the airport parking services and if it gets cheaper, the number of users would double.

  Posted by Hannah Reed on Tue, Mar 24, 2015

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