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Gatwick is Still Running the Expansion Race

The case of expansion was ruled in the favour of Heathrow but the actual construction has been delayed till late next year. Not exactly a win win situation for anyone but it seems like Gatwick is not backing up. There is a possibility that contrary to the final decision Gatwick might still emerge as the winner. In case it doesn’t succeed nobody can blame them for trying.

Gatwick Expansion

Gatwick is now in the spotlight for the progress it is making in almost every field related to aviation. There are a few quite strong arguments that make Gatwick worthy of expansion. Here are a few:

  • The passenger rate is swelling day by day.
  • New routes are being initiated every day.
  • Air and Noise pollution issues are not as severe Heathrow.
  • No legal hoops stalling the development from commencing.
  • Heathrow is not peoples 1st choice any more.

If people are not supportive of what is being done for them then it is rather useless or being done to fill a few big pockets to the brim. Besides there have been a lot of strong rumours that the reports upon which the airport commission based their decision, were falsified. Without the vote of confidence from people and the delayed constructions process of Heathrow, the feasibility of this particular expansion is impaired. Therefore, London Gatwick is not the second best option as it is emerging fast to prove itself as the right choice.

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  Posted by Alex Foster on Mon, Dec 21, 2015

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